“Prisons, Racism, Empire, Militarism” at AAG

AAG 2015

For those of us headed to AAG in Chicago next week, this mini-conference, “Prisons, Racism, Empire, Militarism,” organized by Lindsey Dillon, Javier Arbona, Emily Gilbert, and Jenna Lloyd may be of interest. Presenters will include “Inhabiting Containment” keynote speaker Rashad Shabazz, as well as Caren Kaplan, Jeremy Crampton, Ian Shaw, and SRGSTEL member Andrea Miller:

PREM AT THE #AAG2015 • Prisons, Racism, Empire, Militarism • Chicago, IL April 2015

In advance of the NATO Summit in Chicago in 2012, artists Patrick Lichty and Mark Skwarek tested a virtual reality “love bomber” over Bushwick. The superimposition of a drone dropping 8-pixel hearts over city spaces unsettles war-making as a distant, abstract operation and raises a host of questions about the collective and affective targets of violence. This series of sessions aims to provide the space to draw connections among technologies and practices of war-making, imperialism and settler colonialism, carceral institutions and practices, and racism and white supremacy. These processes reshape commonsense geographies of battleground and home front, contribute to the ongoing blurring of humanitarianism and militarism, and illustrate how warfare is enacted through criminalization. Papers will also explore organized opposition to these intersecting forms of violence.

Events: Tuesday, April 21 to Friday, April 24 (links here to each session)

Facebook event page

Antoine Bousquet and Weaponized Geography


Antoine Bousquet discusses the weaponization of geography at The Disorder of Things:

The present reach of military targeting enabled by the geolocational enframing of the planet realised in the second half of the last century is perhaps best illustrated by the present American efforts to develop Prompt Global Strike, a system for the delivery of conventional precision weapons anywhere in the world within a single hour. While a range of options are being considered for the delivery of lethal force, from hypersonic delivery vehicles to spaced-based kinetic weapons, none of them would be conceivable without the existing infrastructure of global geopositioning. Brought under the ambit of spatial striation and continuous geographic calculation, ours is a planet thus ever more rendered onto targeting. The history of this present moment also underlines that it is less the case the geography has been belatedly weaponised than there has always been an intimate connection between the cartographic capture and rationalisation of space and the impulse of military targeting.

“Walls, Ground, Atmospheres, and Bodies in Palestine”

Walls, Atmospheres, Arch.“Walls, Ground, Atmospheres, and Bodies in Palestine,” a conversation recorded with Maryam Monalisa Gharavi in Ramallah for Archipelago: “This conversation with Maryam Monalisa Gharavi can be divided into three chapters, all corresponding to one physical aspects of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in relation to Palestinian bodies. We begins with the physicality of the wall and compare its securitarian spectacularity with the ones built at the edges of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in the last decade. We then address the question of the ground and its ability to shake our convictions when no longer providing the resistance to the entropy named gravity, like during the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. Finally, we talk about the colonized atmosphere on the traces of Frantz Fanon, and the difficulty one finds in breathing within it.”

Thanks for Making “Inhabiting Containment” a Success!

Tahereh, Me, Rashad

We want to thank all of our presenters, attendees, volunteers, and wonderful keynote speaker, Dr. Rashad Shabazz, for an amazing and generative day at “Inhabiting Containment” in Atlanta yesterday! Already looking forward to seeing everyone next year! In the meantime, stay tuned for pictures and videos from the symposium in the coming days.

See Us Tomorrow in Atlanta or Streaming Online!

Our third annual symposium “Inhabiting Containment” will be held tomorrow, February 26th Friday at Troy Moore Library, Georgia State University. Opening remarks and refreshments are at 10am and the symposium ends with a keynote address by Dr. Rashad Shabazz, “‘Our Prison': Kitchenettes, Carceral Power, and Black Masculinity During the Inter-War Years,” at 5pm.

If you’re in Atlanta we hope you will join us tomorrow (don’t forget to register if you have not already done so). If you’re outside of Atlanta please view our livestream of the entire symposium tomorrow here. Please tune in and feel free to participate in the Q&A sessions via the chat function.

See here for the full schedule As always, this event is free and open to the public! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Two Days to Go!

Just a reminder, that our third annual symposium “Inhabiting Containment” will be held this Friday at Georgia State University beginning at 10am and featuring a keynote address by Dr. Rashad Shabazz, “‘Our Prison': Kitchenettes, Carceral Power, and Black Masculinity During the Inter-War Years,” at 5pm. See here for the full schedule and don’t forget to register if you have not already done so. And, as always, this event is free and open to the public! Looking forward to seeing everyone Friday!