2013 CFP

Critical Geography, Spatial Theory and Everyday Life: A Symposium

This symposium will convene graduate work exploring questions rooted in critical geography, spatial theory and spatial practice, or theories of everyday life. It developed after a number of graduate students in Metro Atlanta, who are not in geography departments but share a strong interest in space, wanted to create a venue to share our projects and resources with one another and receive feedback through audience participation in a comfortable and friendly environment.

We are interested in receiving proposals for this symposium from graduate students whose research engages any of our above topics, whether rooted in geography or other disciplinary backgrounds in both the humanities and social sciences. We are open to any proposals related to the symposium topic with particular interest in:

Queer and/or abject space
Geological intersections with geography
The right to the city
Spatial practices/everyday life
Cultural studies of space
Feminist geographies
Neoliberalism and space
Planned cities and communities
We are open to receiving proposals for non-traditional formats from students at various stages in their research. All participants will be allotted the same amount of time, but depending on where they are with their projects participants may choose to present a conference paper, an overview of their entire work, an outline of what they plan to do, or any other format students feel comfortable with. We want this symposium to be a space where students share their own work and feel comfortable enough to seek feedback from others.
The symposium will be held on March 15th, 2013 at Georgia State University.

Those interested may submit proposals of 500 words to space.gsu@gmail.com by February 15, 2013. We encourage students from any disciplinary background to submit a proposal.


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