Intervention – ‘At the Edge of the Metropolis: A Call to Expand Barrio Research’ by Johana Londoño

Johana Londoño, University at Albany, State University of New York

Johana LondoñoLast fall, students and I analyzed Pew Hispanic Center data on the recent Latino population surge in the southeast of the U.S. The data listed Dominicans among the least likely of Latino sub-groups to be born in the southeast or outside of NY, NJ, CA, IL (Kochhar 2005: 14). As my class debated the reason for this, one Dominican student related a story of his cousin, the first in his family to migrate to the U.S., who boasted of life in Nueva York during her visits back to the Dominican Republic. When my student’s family decided to migrate and join their cousin, they realized she actually lived in Boston. For the cousin, Boston falls within NYC’s boundaries; even though she is among a group of Dominicans who chose different settlement areas, she imagines herself as another immigrant to the…

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