Excavating the Sky

Khaled Malas

Architect Khaled Malas describes his project “excavating the sky” in this Jadaliyya interview: “‘Excavating’ implies the very immediate practice of this committed architecture I am proposing—namely that of sustained archival research (whether online, in libraries or in private collections), and the explicit construction method of well-building. ‘The sky’—that which is representative of gods, airmen and their flying machines—is the space seemingly beyond our reach from which this power falls. By ‘excavating’ such histories, we materialize histories of resistances to this sky that may prove relevant to our own experiences today, in addition to producing a physical monument in the form of the ‘displaced pavilion’. . . Furthermore, the critique I am proposing is that the power may be within the act of excavating itself, and that it is possible to not only conceive of architectures that are critical, but that such architecture can also be ‘lived,’ creatively disturbing the oft-present contemporary distinctions made between buildings and monuments.”

If you are curious about what the project looks like, you can also check out the project’s website and this brief article at arch daily, which includes some images and further statements about the project.


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