“Prisons, Racism, Empire, Militarism” at AAG

AAG 2015

For those of us headed to AAG in Chicago next week, this mini-conference, “Prisons, Racism, Empire, Militarism,” organized by Lindsey Dillon, Javier Arbona, Emily Gilbert, and Jenna Lloyd may be of interest. Presenters will include “Inhabiting Containment” keynote speaker Rashad Shabazz, as well as Caren Kaplan, Jeremy Crampton, Ian Shaw, and SRGSTEL member Andrea Miller:

PREM AT THE #AAG2015 • Prisons, Racism, Empire, Militarism • Chicago, IL April 2015

In advance of the NATO Summit in Chicago in 2012, artists Patrick Lichty and Mark Skwarek tested a virtual reality “love bomber” over Bushwick. The superimposition of a drone dropping 8-pixel hearts over city spaces unsettles war-making as a distant, abstract operation and raises a host of questions about the collective and affective targets of violence. This series of sessions aims to provide the space to draw connections among technologies and practices of war-making, imperialism and settler colonialism, carceral institutions and practices, and racism and white supremacy. These processes reshape commonsense geographies of battleground and home front, contribute to the ongoing blurring of humanitarianism and militarism, and illustrate how warfare is enacted through criminalization. Papers will also explore organized opposition to these intersecting forms of violence.

Events: Tuesday, April 21 to Friday, April 24 (links here to each session)

Facebook event page


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