700 Acres of Land Finally Being Returned to Native Americans


“700 acres of coastal lands will return soon to Kashia control for the first time in 200 years. Sonoma County leaders voted last week to pledge more than $2 million to a coalition of groups which have raised $6 million to purchase the one mile strip of coastal land from a private family, ensuring its future as open space.
‘They’re a coastal people, but for generations they haven’t had access to the coast,’ said Brendan Moriarty of the Trust For Public Land, which spearheaded the deal. ‘This property’s going to give them their coast back.’
The sprawling piece of land included groves of old redwoods, hilltop views, Native American archaeological sites and the precipitous cliffs opening up to the Pacific Ocean just north of Salt Point State Park. The deal will preserve the land as open space while giving the control to the Kashia who plan to preserve the land and return the forests to resiliency.
‘We’re going to manage this forest to become an old growth forest,’ said Kashia Tribal Chairman Reno Keoni Franklin. I will see that in my lifetime.'”


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