Launch of “Contemptorary”



contemptorary,” an online project co-founded by Gelare Khoshgozaran, one of our “Spatializing Sovereignty” keynote  speakers, has launched!

contemptorary is a “cyberspace project covering: women of color and indigenous women queering the art world, queers disrupting white hegemony, immigrants and those displaced due to war, occupation and colonialism who breach all terrains.

This project is a twofold:

  1. The contempt as a commitment to clearing the horizon for necessary ruptures
  2. The forging of communities to build some new horizons

Let’s call it contemptorary: contempt for all declared present creations.

Contempt against: discovery. Contempt for: token corners. Contempt against: the propaganda of scarcity.

The contempt for the contemporary is an acknowledgement of the conditions under which we participate as artists, writers, and cultural producers. It’s not a refusal, it’s participation with caution, suspicion: fury.

We think about the contemporary, and our contempt for it. We wonder if it is possible to talk about one without the other. The contempt is embedded in the contemptorary. We write through our anger, disdain, grief and faith in the possibility of, as Audre Lorde stated: difference based coalitions.

We write knowing that present culture is not shaped under the stars but under bombs, drones, under state violence–here the careful examination of what we produce and the conditions in which we produce them are not separate, but totalizing: contempt is only the beginning.

contemptorary was born out of the excitement for insightful contextualization, and embodied conceptualization. We map out our world word by word, one picture at a time, bludgeoning the violence of everyday: intellectual or otherwise.

Check out the site for pieces from their first feature!

The above images are taken from “The Freedom to Oppress.”

Stay tuned for videos from our “Spatializing Sovereignty” symposium, including of Gelare Khoshgozaran’s keynote!


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