2013 Symposium Schedule

Critical Geography, Spatial Theory and Everyday Life: A Symposium

March 15, 2013

12:30               Opening Remarks and Light Snacks/ Refreshments

Space and the Production of Citizens

12:40-1:00        “Biological Citizenship and Everyday Geopolitics of Reproductive Healthcare:  Exploring the Experience of Latina Immigrants in Atlanta, GA,” Rebecca Lane, University of Kentucky

 1:00-1:20          “Intersections of Identity in a City of Refuge,” Cheryl Nye, Georgia State University

1:20-1:30           Break

1:30-2:00           Roundtable – Rethinking the Everyday

“Spatial Practices and Everyday Life in the Context of Long-Haul Trucking,” Brooke Marshall, Georgia State University

“‘We get it, you have a glue gun, OK!’: Takers, Makers, and Contemporary Domestic Space,” Alejo Venegas-Steele, Georgia State University

2:00-2:05           Break

Spatializing Aesthetics and Affect

2:05-2:25          “Going Elsewhere, Getting Nowhere: Queering Space in Brokeback Mountain, ” Lauran Whitworth, Emory University

2:25-2:45          “Space before Measure in Rauschenberg: The Infancy of the Tangible,” Roger Taylor

2:45-3:30         Lunch

Exploring Colonial Space

3:30-3:50           “Mobility and Production of Colonial Space,” Dylan Ruediger, Georgia State University

3:50-4:10           “Limiting the City: Genealogy of Property Relations in Colonial Calcutta,” Debjani Bhattacharyya, Emory University

4:10-4:20           Break

4:30-5:00           Roundtable – Rethinking Spaces of Community

“The Normativity of Gay Space at Atlanta Pride vs. Queer Comfort at Monohomo,” Sarah Beasley, Georgia State University

“A Crucible of Communities, a Festivus for the Virtual, an Ecology of Affects, Signs, & Rituals in a City of Tents: An Ethnographic Flanurie through Hyperreal Heterotopic Spaces & Places Beyond Everyday Life’s Performance”

Logan Kirkland, Georgia State University

5:00-5:05           Break

Interrogating the Urban

5:05-5:25           “A Biographical Map, a City Map, and a Not a Map,” David Stolarsky, Georgia Institute of Technology

5:25-5:45           “Blueprinting Segregation for the Future: Race and Transportation Planning in Postwar Atlanta, 1944-1979,” John E. Williams, Georgia State University

5:45                  Closing Remarks


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